Saddleseat.  Probably the most watched

                                                performance class at the local fair. As high

                                                energy as gymkhana, but as disciplined as

                                                 dressage.  For many  4-H and open level

                                                 competitors, riding and showing saddleseat

                                                 is a long-away dream.  The expensive horse

                                                 who requires constant pampering, the

                                                 elegant day coats made of silk, and the

                                                confusing equipment has made this style

o                                              of riding impossible for the average equestrian.

                                                In addition. many willing students are

                                               discouraged by the cost of lessons, or by the

                                               lack of trainers at  the local level. 

                                    Saddleseat.  Originated on the plantations of

                                               the Confederate South.  Wealthy plantation

                                               exhibited their power by riding tall, elegant

                                                horses  which were not only confident in

                                                every step, but were  a pleasure to ride.  

                                                Although the American Saddlebred  is

                                                considered to be the epitome of saddleseat

                                                 riding, they are not the only breed who

                                                may be shown under saddleseat equipment. 

                                                 Today, every imaginable pleasure or light

                                                breed is  shown in saddleseat at local fairs,

                                                high school equestrian team, and open   shows.

                                                Saddleseat.   Has become more popular in

                                                recent years at  local shows.   Many 4-H and

                                                open shows offer gaited classes as well as

                                                traditional trotting  classes.  Although it's

                                                popularity is gaining, there is still a lack of

                                                trainers at the local level willing to instruct

                                                gaited, 4-H, untraditional or backyard pleasure


                                               Saddleseat.  There is finally a new way to learn

                                               saddleseat.  Without any prejudice to breed,

                                               age, ability, location or financial status.

                                               Introducing 1-2-3 Saddleseat.  Simple

                                               instructions that makes learning easy, no

                                              matter what your experience level is. 

                                                 1-2-3 Saddleseat.  Years of training and

                                                experimenting have created this system

                                                designed to help you work with your

                                                saddleseat horse.  These aren't exercises

                                                to help develop a calm and competitive

                                                western pleasure Quarter Horse.  This

                                                is a specifically designed program for

                                                working  with light horse breeds.


                                      Ready to get started? 

                                      Want to learn more? 









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1-2-3  Saddleseat


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